How The Brewing Process Stacks Up...

1. Mashing / Lautering

Mashing is the process of mixing Malted Barley or Wheat with Hot Water. Enzymes convert long starches into sugars that Yeast can utilize. During Lautering the grain bed is rinsed with hot water (a process referred to as Sparging) and the"Sweet Wort" is collected in the Boil Kettle.

2. Boil 

The "Wort" (sugar water) is boiled to drive off unwanted compounds and promote chemical reactions that enhance desirable flavors. Hop additions are used to add bitterness as well as essential oils that contribute to aroma and flavor.

3. Fermentation

Yeast is added to chilled "Wort" in the Fermenter. Sugars are metabolized to produce Alcohol, Carbon Dioxide, and a variety of flavor compounds.

4. Conditioning

Beer is transferred into a Bright Tank for carbonation adjustments or extended aging.

5. Packaging

Finished beer is put into kegs, bottles, or cans.

6. Drink  

You know how this part works. Enjoy!