“Turtle Stack”

The Mississippi River Valley is known for its abundance of water channels and tributaries. The inspiration behind the name came from the river turtles that can be seen on any given day stacked up on logs competing for the best location to bathe in the warmth of the sun.

The name also represents subtle homage to a popular children’s book using this imagery to depict a turtle king increasing the size of his kingdom by stacking his turtles to create a taller throne. One turtle has the courage to disrupt the throne, free the turtles in the stack, and send the once powerful king into the mud. Interpretations have often emphasized the power of individuals to demand freedom. Without choice there is no freedom. By providing a variety of well-crafted beers we hope to empower the masses and invite people to join the ever-growing ‘stack’ of craft beer enthusiasts fighting for freedom of choice by demanding more flavorful beer options.


1) Quality – From ingredients to finished product, we focus on creating high quality, flavorful beers. Quality control procedures are designed to prevent any beer from leaving the brewery if it does not meet our high standards.

2) Local Sustainability – We are deeply committed to supporting the La Crosse community and the state of Wisconsin. Equipment, ingredients, and labor are sourced from the nearest local communities within Wisconsin whenever possible. Promotional events sponsored by Turtle Stack Brewery will be used to help support La Crosse area groups and businesses.

3) Variety & Innovation – Craft beer enthusiasts have a thirst for new and interesting beers that is nearly insatiable. We constantly strive to produce recurring seasonal beers that accurately represent the intended styles and one-off beers that introduce an interesting new twist or wander well off the traditional beer style map.

4) Social Responsibility – We believe that the only responsible way to run a business is to be involved in the local community, limit our environmental impact, and support efforts to create a healthier, safer, more equitable, and overall happier society.